Best Tips for the most effective Whiteboard Animation or Explainer video

Write the simplest Script

As you recognize, the script is the backbone of your explainer video and therefore the start towards a booming video campaign. A proper whiteboard animation video or explainer video script ought to be not more then 240 words, which can lead to around ninety seconds in video format. This way, your audience can watch it till end of the video.

Respecting the content of your script, make sure the story focuses on your audience and their issues rather than your product options.

Expert tip: First prepare Sales Script what you want to convey to the audience.
Create relevant Images
As you already understand, whiteboard animation video or explainer video implies largely black content over a solid white background. This is often why you need to enhance it with dynamic illustrations and powerful imagery!  it's what your viewers can specialize in the foremost as they hear the voiceover and follow your story.

Expert Tip: If you wish to feature some points of interest to your whiteboard animation video, you'll embody slightly of color and there to focus on relevant components.

Make Use of Animated Characters

Having aforementioned that, it's an honest plan to require your video to consequent level by adding characters and invigorating them. For this half, you'll specialize in your customer persona and picture what they'd appear as if because the main character in your video.

Regarding animation, search for an expert explainer videocompany or freelancer that may create character movements flow effortlessly. It’s crucial for things to seem natural to stay your viewers’ attention on what you wish send them a message.

Always Add the Drawing Hand

Yes, perhaps you created a digital whiteboard video or explainer video; however you must forever add the drawing hand. Without it, the result isn't the same. Take into account that while not the drawing hand, the full thought of what a whiteboard animation video is gone.

Keep It Flowing

Another key component of whiteboard animation is its flow. Drawings should be continuous for the ensuing animation to represent one whole, compelling plot.

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